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VALORANT Aim Playlist & Why

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I get asked questions about Aim Lab and aim training pretty frequently. Here are my answers grouped in the same place along with my playlist that I would suggest for anyone below Diamond rank.

Do aim trainers help?

Yes. Especially if you're in lower ranks. It's my firm belief that mechanical skill alone can get you to Platinum. As you climb the ranks even to Radiant aim trainers can still help.

How often should I practice using this playlist?

If you're below Diamond rank play each task between 2-5 times daily. Make sure to play the tasks based on my comments below.

If you're above Diamond rank and using this playlist to warm up just play through each task once and then hop into VALORANT!

Should I play it continuously?

I would suggest not to play through without any breaks, even if it's just 30 seconds to 1 minute in between. It's always good to take breaks in between and make sure you stretch your wrists/fingers/forearms frequently not just while warming up, while you play as well.


Valorant Ascent Headshot

If you have issues keeping your crosshair at head height and drawing straight lines (left & right) this is a great task for you. When you play this task think about moving your mouse in a perfect line from target to target. Take your time. Accuracy > Speed. Once you get good at moving horizontally is when you want to incorporate more speed.

Being able to move your mouse on the horizontal axis allows you to put your crosshair at head height and keep it there when you're playing. This is what I would consider a fundamental skill.

Valorant Ascent Microflex

I use this task to practice micro-adjustments. These are important because when you turn pre-aim and turn corners the enemy isn't always exactly where you have your crosshair placed. In most cases, you'll need to move your crosshair ever so slightly. This will help to train that mechanic and feeling.


This task mimics the size of a head at medium to long ranges in VALORANT. This will also help with precision and that's how you should approach this task. Try and aim for 100% accuracy. Don't rush your shots. Your score doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are hitting these small targets.


This is one of my favorite tasks for warming up and getting my hand comfortable in my mouse. Continue to go for accuracy > speed but since the targets start large it allows you to pick up the pace.


Flicks. Everyone loves to hit a nice flick and it is a skill you can train. There is a big difference between a real flick and trying to hit a target fast. Spidershot Speed allows you to actually practice flicking because the targets are large. After you shoot the center target it should be a quick movement to the next followed by mouse1 in 1 motion.


Similar to Valorant Ascent Headshot this task will help you practice moving your mouse left and right. The targets spawn along the horizontal axis and move at a slow pace. Although being able to track enemies isn't a top priority mechanical skill for VALORANT it's still useful.


Like I said above. Tracking isn't the highest of priorities for a game like VALORANT but it does come in handy and you should always train all aspects of aiming to be a more complete player.

VCT Split Angle Hold

I use this task to practice my crosshair placement and micro-adjustments. Don't place your crosshair too close to the angle where you need to move your mouse to hit a target, try to place it in a spot where all you have to do is click mouse1. The less you move your mouse, the better.

VCT Haven Short Entry

The goal in this task is to practice pre-aiming and strafing to peek. Don't W around corners. Line up your shots before you turn a corner and use your strafing movement to peek. This is the difference-maker in lower ranks. A lot of Gold and below players W around corners, which is not how you should move in a tactical shooter. This task will help you practice and reinforce good habits. It also helps that it's on a VALORANT map.

VCT Bind Wall Peek

Same as the previous task but you'll be peeking left, then right consecutively. The movement here is the most important. You need to strafe, stop, shoot, and repeat. This task is to reinforce the movement habits but at a faster speed.

There you have it! You're on your way to getting better or at the very least starting to warm up. The next step would be to hop in the range or deathmatch and use a rifle to get used to the recoil.

All of these tasks are in the Aim Lab playlist I created. You can subscribe to it using this Steam community link:

After you subscribe using the link above open up Aim Lab, click Training, Playlists. You will see it listed there.

Drop me your comments and feedback below! GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN!

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4 Yorum

1137_Varad Sankhe
1137_Varad Sankhe
14 Tem 2022

Thanks for your advice and waiting for new playlist 😋.And one more shall I do this playlist as practice to imprve my aim after my gaming session


1137_Varad Sankhe
1137_Varad Sankhe
14 Tem 2022

What shall i do in range after this playlist as warmup and how shall I practice in order to improve in my gameplay and when should I practice its time ?

Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin
14 Tem 2022
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

I would do the playlist into deathmatch personally. I didn't spend much time in the range. Shooting live targets in a deathmatch is better warmup. I would suggest playing the playlist into 5-10x DM depending on how you are feeling. I'm also planning on posting an updated playlist soon! There have been some really great tasks released recently that I find are super effective.


20 Kas 2021


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