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Tips For Shooting VALORANT Weapons

This is part 1 to a 2 part series. This guide will run you through tips on shooting VALORANT weapons that I would consider meta. I'm not going to go into huge detail about gun and recoil control, that will be in part 2 which is a premium guide that's coming soon. The premium guides are for monthly subscribers only. There are more details about subscriptions at the bottom of this guide!

For reference, the images below show what I would consider ranges to be in-game. So when I talk about close, medium, and long-range you have a visual of what that might be. When watching the demonstration videos there are a few things I want you to pay attention to.

  1. How fast I'm shooting the weapon at the different ranges.

  2. How many bullets I'm shooting at a time.

  3. How long the pauses are in between shots at the different ranges.

Bind U-Hall Close-Range
Bind U-Hall Medium-Range
Bind U-Hall Long-Range


The best part about using a Classic is being close-range and jump-bursting (right-click). I wouldn't recommend bursting multiple times consecutively unless you wait for a second in between but don't spam burst. The reason is after every burst the spread of the 3 bullets gets larger. Ideally, you want to burst once and then single fire (left-click).


If you're using a Frenzy on pistol round you want to get up in the enemy's face and move and shoot. The recoil is pretty crazy on a Frenzy, especially if you don't give yourself enough time for the recoil to reset so you don't want to get caught taking long-range fights if possible.


When you're using a ghost crosshair placement is important because you want to shoot by tapping at a controllable rate.


The Sheriff has the same concept as the Ghost. Except, you'll be tapping mouse1 at a slower pace. If you shoot more than 2 bullets consecutively the 3rd one and on will be random.


Close-range. Run and shoot. The bullets are pretty accurate when you are moving and the target is close. I always do this when I'm carrying my Spectre over into the bonus round and I'm up against rifles (Vandal, Phantom). Long-range it's really tough to kill someone because the damage falls off but you want to burst (2-4 bullets).


The close-range spray works pretty well. Medium-range gunfights depend on how much action is happening. If it's an isolation 1v1 fight I will ADS (Aim Down Sight). If there's a bunch of stuff going on and there might be multiple targets I don't ADS. Long-range fights I always try to ADS.


This is the weapon I always suggest newer / lower-ranked players to use. Mainly because the recoil is easier to control and it's just more forgiving as a weapon in general. Bursting is your friend when using the Phantom, but make sure to give the gun time to reset before shooting another burst. If you try to burst consecutively with no pauses in between your crosshair is going to the ceiling.


Tapping and bursting the Vandal are the best scenarios you can put yourself in. The spray is hard to control (not impossible though) but in a perfect world, you want to tap and burst.


Scope before you peek! I don't know how many times I've seen people peek and then scope. Do yourself a favor and make it easier to get the kill by scoping first, then slowly clearing angles to get the kill.

I hope this gives you an idea of how you should be shooting each weapon. If you have any questions or comments drop them below!



If you want to support me, sub to one of my monthly subscriptions! I spend many hours every week writing free guides and will continue to because that's my focus but if you love the content and are looking to support me, this is the way! It's also a great way for me to connect with my community and offer a more personalized way of helping you get better.

There are 3 tiers of subscriptions but all tiers include.

Access To My Discord Server

I'm building a community of players who have the same goal which is to get better at VALORANT. My Discord will become a place where people can find others to play with. Promote their streams, share clips, ask questions, and more.

Special Supporter Badge

A special supporter badge on my website.

Private Question & Answer

You got questions? Well, I got answers (most of the time). All tiers will have access to ask questions in my Discord server.

Premium Guides

The focus at the moment is free guides but there will be premium guides coming shortly.

*Monthly VOD Review*

Tier 3 subscribers receive a monthly VOD review. They will share their Twitch VOD or upload a game to YouTube and I will watch it, send back notes, and action items to help you take your game to the next level. The monthly VOD review is a way that I can keep you accountable and make sure you're progressing as a player.

*Sub Games*

Tier 2 and Tier 3 subs will be included in sub-games. I'll be playing unrated, ranked, and eventually set up 10 mans while I sit in the spectator spot and coach all 10 players through real games.

The perks are all listed on the Subscriptions page. If you're dedicated and serious about getting better at VALORANT I would suggest the Tier 3 sub.

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